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Jul 8, 2012 8:00am EDT
to sit down and each fire man helped us down and walked us through they had them lined up all the way through the tunnel for us to find our way through. >> metro managers believe it was a heat kink that threw the train off its tracks. extra track inspectors have been on duty all week, and this weekend. all outdoor trains are limited to a top speed of 35 miles an hour, for the time being. >> unusually slow. >> reporter: you know it is because they are a little concerned about the heat and the tracks do you mind if they are slowing the trains. >> safety first. safety first, we can slow down. >> reporter: managers at metro hope to fully reopen the green line to regular service, by rush hour monday morning. fox 5 news. >>> and fox 5 is always monitoring metro is if you see something -- so if you see something take a picture or video send it to fox 5 metro@g >> we know what sparked a devastating apartment fire in wood bridge. a propane grill, in a third floor apartment, triggered the blaze thursday then flames spread to the adjoining building 25 apartments in all ended up dam
Jul 15, 2012 8:00am EDT
showing them proof the regime used helicopters and tanks, a violation of the peace plan. 115 people were killed yesterday. >>> australia gets on average one fatal shark attack per year but there have already been five off the southern coast. yesterday a great white attacked a surfer and one man who saw it actually tried to get the body away from the shark. >> i was on the back of a jet ski and in front of us, saw a guy get attacked by a shark and took my mate to the shore and went straight out and there was blood everywhere, and massive massive white shark circling the body, the half a torso that was left and i raced to grab the body and the shark came at me on the jet ski and tried to knock me off i did another loop and when i came to get back to the body, the shark took it and there was blood everywhere, and nothing i could do. did everything i could. >> all the beaches on australia's southern coast are closed until further notice. >> an american woman astronaut, blasts off on a rocket in as pakistan. they are leading to the -- kazakstan, they are heading to the international space sta
Jul 29, 2012 8:00am EDT
control that will set us up for sunshine expect clouds this afternoon high very hot 90 degrees, could we see an isolated shower or a storm pop up? that is a possibility however looks like if we see any think mainly to the east we are generally talking a very dry and enjoyable day your full forecast a little later on and a look at that all important 5 day. >> sounds good thank you gwen. >>> meanwhile we are monitoring metro's track work that means the red line is shut down. buses running on the blue line. orange line single tracking between east falls church and west falls church and stadium armoury and cheverly. >>> metro is testing a pay by phone system. it will work for rockville parking spaces and both stations ride spots. commuters will be charged a 32ยข transaction fee. it is used at 17,000 meters in the district already. >>> new this morning in prince georges county a silver alert now for a missing 81-year-old. lester must was last seen yesterday afternoon at 1 when he left his home in bellsville. he is driving a 2005 grey toyota corolla with maryland license plates. anyone with
Jul 1, 2012 8:00am EDT
management crews coming in for that to help us with our trees. >> okay i want to ask you, i did go yesterday and i was able to download pepco's new ap, is that important for people -- obviously once -- we first had to find a place to charge our ipads and iphones we were able to do that is it important to go online or call to report the outage. >> absolutely. >> even though they assume you know it is out. >> we may or may not know it is out it helps with this assessment helps us to pinpoint outages to know this entire line is out or not. we ask people report their out stages even this their neighbor resported an outage we ask they call in and report as well, call 877 pepco 62 they can go on to our website and report it or download our ap going to ap and they can also track their outages you know once we start assigning restoration times they will be able to retrieve that information online or through the ap. >> okay well, thank you very much for joining us i know you are having a very busy day following a very busy weekend we appreciate your time >> any time we are
Jul 22, 2012 8:00am EDT
was so hot. here is a look at satellite radar composite moisture well to the south leaving us with plenty of clouds across the area. we will get sunny breaks later on this afternoon in the meantime clouds are sticking around, with some morning patchy fog currently 72 degrees regan national airport, 69 dulles, 69 degrees at bwi marshall, and humidity up at 81% we are not going to get too much of a break-in that humidity be prepared for that as you head out. today's high, talking 82 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies. more details coming up later on the 5 day forecast. >>> thanks gwen. >>> we begin with the latest on the movie massacre in colorado. president obama is heading there today, to visit with victims and families. the coroner identified the 12 victims killed in the shooting. bomb squads have cleared out all explosive materials from shooter james holmes apartment and holmes will apparently make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack with calculation and deliberation. foxes craig boswell has the latest from aurora colorado. >> reporter: police rem
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5